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Rental Plans

  • Choose one of the Rental Plans below

  • You may have to create a new plan account even if you already have a website account. Feel free to use the same email and password

  • Once you've paid for your plan, you can select and checkout games from the games page

  • Game orders will be free (unless you add delivery).

  • Once you place your order, it will be ready pickup the same day by 7pm or the next day by 7pm if placed after 7pm.

  • Any number games exceeding you plan size will not be included in the order. If you have a one game plan and order four games, we'll assume you wanted the first game and exclude all others.

  • Please visit our FAQ page for more information or contact us at

One Time Rentals

  • You only get the initial game order for the entire duration of the rental

  • It is your responsibility to return your games at the end of the period. Late returns may result in extra fines and/or inability to rent more games 

Monthly Renewing Plans

  • Place your initial order of games to start your plan

  • When you want to exchange some or all of the games you currently have, simply place another order with the desired games. When you pick-up the new ones, you can return the old ones at the same time.

  • If you choose delivery, we can also pick up the current games you have.

  • At any point you can upgrade to the next tier or cancel.

  • If canceled, it is your responsibility to return your current rental before your month expires.