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Bang! Dice Game

Bang! Dice Game

BANG! The Dice Game keeps the core of the Bang! card game in place. At the start of the game, players each take a role card that secretly places them on a team: the Sheriff and deputies, outlaws, and renegades. The Sheriff and deputies need to kill the outlaws, the outlaws win by killing the Sheriff, and the renegades want to be the last players alive in the game. Instead of cards, players will be rolling dice and pushing their luck to get the results they want. Try not to kill your deputy!
  • Complexity

  • Player Count

    3 - 8 Players
  • Playtime

    20 - 30 Minutes
  • Expansion Info

  • Type/Tags

    Bluffing, Deduction, Dice, Western
  • Cooperative or Competitive?

    Competitive Teams
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