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Bristol 1350

Bristol 1350

Bristol 1350 - The dreaded Black Death has descended upon the town of Bristol. You are racing down the streets in one of the three available apple carts, desperate to escape into the safety of the countryside. 
If your cart is the first to leave the town and it is full of only healthy villagers when you leave, you and your fellow cart-mates successfully escape and win the game! However, some villagers on your cart may already have the plague! They are hiding their early symptoms from you so that they can enjoy their last few days in peace. If you leave town with a plagued villager on your cart, you will catch the plague. You must do whatever is necessary to make sure that doesn't happen! 
On the surface Bristol 1350 is part co-operative teamwork, part racing strategy, and part social deduction. In reality, it's a selfish scramble to get yourself out of town as quickly as possible without the plague, by any means necessary.
  • Complexity

  • Player Count

    2 - 9 Players
  • Playtime

    20 - 40 Minutes
  • Expansion Info

  • Type/Tags

    Deduction, Dice, Medieval, Party, Racing
  • Cooperative or Competitive?

    Competitive "Teams"
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