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Take on the role of a fashion model as you hit the runways in New York, Paris, and Tokyo to build your career.

In Couture, players seek to win cards through auctions in New York, Paris, and Tokyo. New cards are available to draft in each city, allowing the winning player first pick of Iconic Poses, Signature Walks, a personal Glam Squad, and much more.

Once the seventh round has concluded, players determine their total score, with magazine cover awards bringing bonus points. The model with the highest score wins the game and with it all the fame of a global spotlight!

  • Complexity


  • Player Count

    3 - 6 Players

  • Playtime

    20 - 30 Minutes

  • Expansion Info

    Includes deluxe 3D cities and foil magazines for a fancier experience

  • Type/Tags

    Fashion, Hand Management, Open Drafting

  • Cooperative or Competitive?


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