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FPI Mystery: Disappearance at Wirth Circus

FPI Mystery: Disappearance at Wirth Circus

Jules Leitzel, the star trapeze artist for the Wirth Family Circus, went missing a few days ago. People are saying she's been kidnapped, but speculation won't cut the mustard... WE NEED ANSWERS! The FPI have been called upon.

In the FPI you'll be trying to crack the cases that the police couldn't or wouldn't- the ones your clients don't want them to. You've been recruited for your powers of deduction and induction, and we expect big things from you.

As one of our solvers, you'll get materials from our Field Agents and try to solve the case based on their notes, interviews, and what they collect from the field. Do you have what it takes to crack the case?!

Play solo or in a groups, discuss every detail, and try to solve the case without using any hints!

  • Complexity


  • Player Count

    1 - 20 Players

  • Playtime

    60 - 150 Minutes

  • Expansion Info


  • Type/Tags

    Deduction, Mystery, Party Game

  • Cooperative or Competitive?


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