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The engines are dead. Your friends are acting weird.

Jumpship is a social deduction game set aboard an exploratory space vessel. Each player is assigned a role on the ship be it captain, engineer, or doctor. In secret, players are randomly assigned to be an alien or human.

The aliens will know who each other are, but the humans won't know who anyone is.

The game is simple: Each round, players draw two tokens out of a bag, then give the tokens to other players. You cannot give yourself tokens, and you cannot give both tokens to the same player. As players amass tokens, they will be given the opportunity to perform scans on other players, place others in quarantine, and ultimately eject people out of the ship!

The humans win if they successfully kill the Queen alien. The aliens win if the ship arrives home with the Queen still on board.

  • Complexity


  • Player Count

    5 - 10 Players

  • Playtime

    15 - 25 Minutes


  • Expansion Info


  • Type/Tags

    Bluffing, Deduction, Party Game

  • Cooperative or Competitive?

    Competitive Teams

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