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The Artemis Project

The Artemis Project

The Artemis Project is a dice (dis)placement and engine building game that has you fighting the planet as well as the other players. Roll your dice and place them tactically to thwart the other colonists. Harvest energy and minerals. Bid for buildings. Work together to go on Expeditions to earn rewards. Train workers. Will your efforts be enough to survive?

  • Complexity


  • Player Count

    1 - 5 Players

  • Playtime

    60 - 75 Minutes

  • Expansion Info

    Inlcudes the "Alien Relic" and "Directives" expansions in the box, which add additional gameplay elements. Also includes the "Satellites & Commanders" expansion in the box that adds two new major opportunities for strategic play to the base game. Satellites are off-board locations which players can access and influence the action on the moon’s surface below in subtle yet powerful ways. Commanders are a new category of colonist that can act as any colonist type, lend their power to dice you send to various locations, and assist in end game scoring.

  • Type/Tags

    Dice, Set Collection, Worker Placement

  • Cooperative or Competitive?


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