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In Trogdor!: The Board Game, you and up to five friends (or maybe people you just paid to come over) take on the roles of these acolytes of the Burninator, each with their own unique abilities and magical items. Take turns guiding Trogdor on his destructive lost weekend around Peasantry. Help him avoid pesky knights and archers, devour peasants, burninate the countryside, and, of course, the thatched roof COTTAGES!!

  • Complexity

  • Player Count

    2 - 6 Players
  • Playtime

    45 - 60 Minutes
  • Expansion Info

    Includes the "Majicks & 'Mergencies Expando Deck" which adds new cards and gameplay elements to give player more options.

  • Type/Tags

    Action Points, Adventure, Humor, Party
  • Cooperative or Competitive?

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